¿Por Qué Treataprost®?

Guvenilirdir etc



It is suitable for combined use with different treatment options.

Clinically Proven

Its efficacy has been clinically proven.

Ease of Use

Suspension form provides easy absorption. It provides ease of use for people who have difficulty in swallowing capsules.

Combined Formulation

It provides fast and effective support in the treatment of prostatitis with its multi-component technology consisting of 5 different ingredients approved by EMA.


It has standardized contents. The amount of active ingredient in each dose is determined.

Doesn't Cause Side Effects

It is suitable for long-term use. It does not cause antibiotic resistance.

Slide Urticae Radix Antibacterial Effect 1
High anti-inflammatory efficacy6
Antioxidant 7
Clinically proven efficacy in the management of prostatitis symptoms 11

Antibacterial ve Antireplicative Effect6

Uva Ursі - Arbutin

Anti-inflammatory effect2
Antioxidant Effect2,3
5-α-Reductase inhibitor2
Epilobium 5-α-Reductase inhibitor4
Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic5
Antiandrogenic activity 5
BPH and (LUTS) approved indication4
ASU Analgesic ve Anti-inflammatory Effect 12 tretarost-etki-mekanizmasi TREATAPROST® ACTION of MECHANISM

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We would like to inform you that you can consult your doctor or pharmacist for your side effect/adverse reaction reports that you think are related to our products within 24 hours, apply to the authorized health institution in your country, or send your notifications to the authorized pharmacovigilance organization of our company grandmedical@deltapv.com.

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