Is chronic prostatitis contagious?

Chronic prostatitis is not contagious.

Is it possible to treat prostatitis?

Prostatitis can be treated. It is a long process that should be carried out under the control of a physician. Consult your physician.

What are the factors that cause prostatitis?

Urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted infections, urinary tract interventions, urinary tract anomalies, physical trauma, stress, nerve damage, impaired immune system, some chronic diseases.

Does prostatitis recur?

Relapse or recurrence of prostatitis is common. Long-term (more than six months) follow-up is required to determine treatment. It is important not to interrupt treatment when symptoms have resolved. It can recur spontaneously or depending on the discontinuation of the treatment.

When should I go to the doctor?

Please consult a doctor as soon as you observe symptoms.

Can I prevent acute prostatitis from turning into chronic?

Prostatitis is a disease that can be completely cured when appropriate treatment is given. When the symptoms are eliminated, the treatment should not be interrupted and should be continued until the end. You can prevent the prostate from becoming chronic by providing treatment support with Treataprost® in addition to or after the treatment given by your doctor.

Can I use Treataprost® in combination with other medicines, is it safe?

Treataprost® has no known interactions with other drugs.

Can I buy Treataprost® by myself from the pharmacy?

You can also obtain Treataprost® from the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.

Are there any observed side effects of Treataprost®?

No side effects have been observed so far. Check that you are not allergic to the active ingredients in its content.

I cannot find Treataprost® in the stores, how can I purchase?

You may contact with us on +90 212 438 06 04

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